Protecting your property from a fire is not always easy, especially when you cannot be there all the time. It is important to have the best fire protection equipment in a residential and commercial building. Installing a fire sprinkler system is a good preventative measure for a fire accident. Edison Fire Protection, Inc., provides different types of fire sprinkler systems Los Angeles.

The following describes the most common types of sprinkler systems.

Wet Pipe Sprinkler System:

The wet pipe sprinkler system is the most common type of sprinkler system installed in many buildings. As their name suggests, wet pipe sprinklers are constantly filled with water, so it is easy to use during fire accidents. The wet pipe sprinkler systems are required for high-rise or office buildings.

Deluge Sprinkler System:

The deluge fire sprinkler systems are operated by a fire alarm which causes a valve to open and release the water. Once the valve opens, it cannot be closed until manually turned off. A deluge sprinkler system is not commonly used at homes but is mainly found in industries with hazardous chemicals or flammable liquids, which is similar to the wet pipe sprinkler system.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler System:

This is the most commonly used sprinkler system in the market today. Instead of storing water in the pipes, dry pipe sprinklers filled with pressurized air or nitrogen gas. It is a good choice for buildings in colder areas.

Pre-Action Sprinkler System:

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems employ the basic concept of a dry pipe system. This system is specialized for use in commercial places such as libraries, museums, data centers, or other places.

Foam Sprinkler System:

A foam sprinkler systems use a mixture of water and low expansion foam to extinguish fires in buildings. The fire sprinkler pump distributes the water & foam mixture via the pipe-system and discharges the foam spray via the sprinklers. This system is mainly recommended in buildings that handle highly hazardous components and flammable liquids like workplaces, industries, and aircraft hangers.

At Edison Fire Protection, Inc., we offer an array of the highest quality fire sprinkler systems to keep you safe from fire accidents.

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