Who is held responsible in the event of a fire in the workplace? Is it the employees? Is it the employers? Is it the local administration? Before singling anyone out, keep in mind that it would be a collective responsibility with everyone playing a different role. Therefore, prevention is key! Conducting a fire risk assessment by a licensed agency like fire extinguisher service Los Angeles is the first step towards fire prevention. Given an opportunity, our trained and competent experts will identify fire hazards and areas prone to fire risk. Fire assessments should be conducted at regular intervals, both in residential premises as well as commercial establishments.

Our services include a prepared emergency plan with a list of dos and don’ts related to fire safety. Our experts focus on emergency routes and exits, installation of fire detection and warning systems, and installation of fire-fighting equipment. We also give instructions on rescue methods in case of an emergency fire. Our service revolves around the concept of saving lives and property. We are equipped to fulfill all services related to fire safety including fire sprinkler system repair and any kind of fire-fighting equipment installation.