Fire safety in a hotel is very important. Obviously fire safety matters in all premises, but when you have a large number of people on the premises, perhaps they should matter a little bit more.

The main goal of fire protection is to effectively protect people, assets and the environment from the dangers and effects of fire, and to minimize material damages, operational interruptions and the consequent loss of business. Fire protection in the hotel helps save workers, tourist, family trips  and exciting adventures.

Just like any building, hotels are at risk of fires. They have many rooms and numerous guests that could be there for several days. Unlike office spaces or apartment complexes, guests are unfamiliar with the building and viable escape routes. Many hotels also have restaurants and kitchens to add a great risk of fire due to open flames, flammable grease traps, and storage of flammable materials. So, hotels should be aware of a good fire safety management and actions to be taken in the event of a fire.

Hotel managers and owners can help prevent fires on their property by not only installing the fire protection systems but also ensuring that:

  • Every room should have a smoke detector or alarm
  • Their doors are self-closing in stairwells to help confine smoke, flames, and heat
  • Fire sprinkler and alarm systems are tested regularly by fire protection companies
  • Employees are knowledgeable and trained with an emergency response protocol
  • Hallways, doors, and stairwells are clear of obstructions

The coordination of appropriate structural, technical and organizational fire protection measures can lead to effective fire protection.

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