Imagine discovering a fire on your premises, reaching for your portable fire extinguisher only to find that the extinguisher is insufficiently charged!

Many tend to purchase a fire extinguisher and store it away for long periods of time. We assume that an unused portable fire extinguisher will always be fully charged and capable of putting out a fire. However, that assumption is incorrect. Even if the portable extinguisher has never been used, there are reasons to believe it may no longer be functional. One of those reasons has to do with depressurization. Fire extinguishers can lose pressure due to damage or environmental impact. This can make the extinguisher ineffective during a fire emergency. A discharge could also have occurred without your notice! The tiniest of discharges can end up in substantial leakage and depressurize of your fire extinguisher, which can null its capacity to effectively put out a fire.

Los Angeles Fire Protection Services can administer necessary periodic inspections, maintenance, and recharging of your fire extinguisher. For Fire Extinguisher Recharge Los Angeles, contact Edison Fire Protection Company.