It is always difficult to investigate fire accidents due to the complex nature of fire occurrence. The nature of fire accidents differs from residential units to industrial units. Most of us are aware of residential fire incidents. When it comes to industry, citing the exact reason for fire incidents requires professional investigation. For instance, in case there was a fire incident in the process industry, its effects would be felt in short distances in the form of toxic gas clouds and explosions. The reasons could be due to the lack of chemical safety in that place or fail to adhere to fire safety norms. Otherwise, it could be due to thermal effects. Likewise, there could be numerous reasons. The need is to investigate the exact cause of the fire because the investigation helps in identifying the loopholes and fixing those to prevent fire incidences in future. Edison Fire has been providing professional fire investigation services to industries over the years. Our experts at the Edison Fire Protection Company Inc, Los Angeles carefully investigate to identify the root cause of fire accidents.

Our fire accident investigation revolves around:

  • Identifying the cause of the fire
  • Assessing the loss
  • Ascertaining who is responsible for the accident as per the fire safety law

Then, as per the investigation report, we present preventive guidelines. It could be the maintenance of existing fire safety appliances. Industries can consult us for maintenance service as well as fire accident investigation service at Edison Fire Protection Company Inc, CA.