We have been witnessing major fire incidents now and then. It has been observed that there is a blatant violation of fire safety norms by residential buildings. It seems that nobody is taking fire safety seriously thereby the occupants are always putting their lives at risk . However, some people are safety conscious and they want to ensure their building to become fireproof. Then,the obvious question is:what needs to be done to protect the building from fire incidents?. The first step towards this aspect is adherence to the national building code. The building code contains guidelines related to the construction of the building and its maintenance. The building code applies to residential buildings, commercial buildings, educational institutes, and business establishments. If you are unable to comprehend the building code, then contact us at the ​Edison Fire Protection Services (800) 222-9338 for fire safety in residential buildings in Burbank​. Our fire experts will provide the necessary inputs before you construct the building.

If you have already constructed the building without adherence to building code, then you only need to fortify your building by installing various fire fighting equipment. We provide fire fighting equipment installation service at strategic locations so that the fire could be dealt with immediately. We also conduct fire safety audits for many residential and commercial buildings. This is compulsory to save life and property. Therefore, you can approach us at ​Edison FireProtection Company (800) 222-9338 for fire fighting equipment installation services in Santa Monica​ either to conduct an audit or install fire fighting equipment. Otherwise, you can simply contact our experts to get a fire safety consultation service.