With affordable one-stop services from fire protection company in Los Angeles, you may enjoy the service of fire protection with total solutions and expert advice. Edison Fire provides you a comprehensive range of quality fire protection solutions including fire detection alarms, fire doors, hose reels, sprinkler systems, extinguishers, exit lighting and more. Our solutions are widely accepted and authenticated as they are assured and tested. Some of the most advanced fire detection services include:

Passive Fire Products

Fire can spread almost everywhere for any reason, but the most important thing to reducing the risk is to prevent fires in the initial stage. Combine fire frames and doors with passive fire solutions supports to avoid the spread of harmful flames.

Portable Fire Equipment

From fire alarms to portable fire extinguishers, there is a comprehensive list of top quality fire equipment in Edison Fire. You can see the benefits of portability with our latest equipment.

Evacuation Systems And Alarms

Generally, fire detection systems offer you an early detection of shouldering fires, smoke and heat. Sensitive analytic tools mean early detection that is critical in a residential environment. Hence, evacuation systems and alarms can support you in recognizing early stages of fire spreading.

Do you have any other fire safety questions in mind? Call us immediately at 1-323-259-9999. If you are on the need of fire extinguisher service Los Angeles, CA or want to know about fire sprinkler companies in Los Angeles for your office, Edison Fire is ready to protect you from fire accidents.



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