In today’s restaurants, hotels, and commercial kitchens,  the use of cooking oils and high-efficiency kitchen equipment allows large number of meals to be produced faster. However, along with the fire speed and efficiency, the fire hazards are increased.

Kitchen fire suppression systems are designed to detect and extinguish fires in the kitchen. This system can be installed within the hood to protect the cooking appliances, such as deep fat fryers and oven hobs where hot oil is cooked. Suppression system can also be installed even in small size spaces. The control panel in the suppression system discharges fluid to extinguish the fire, it activates the wet agent tank and wet agent, when the fire is detected.

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We have experienced professionals designing and fitting the kitchen fire suppression system for restaurant in Los Angeles. We will advise you on where to install this suppression system exactly for maximum effectiveness. Trained personnel at Edison Fire will guide you on how to prevent the higher risk of fires due to the large amount of hot equipment, electrical connection, cooking oils, cleaning chemicals and open flame to minimize accidents.

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