The majority of the residential places in the city of Los Angeles are ill-equipped to deal with fire incidences. Some of the living places lack an emergency exit route. Even if there are exit routes, they are very narrow. It reflects that the realtors have violated the fire service norms and building code as prescribed by the local government. The monitoring agencies also do not justify their responsibilities. They do not conduct periodic inspection thereby we encounter many incidences of fire. If you are not serious about the Fire Service Act, then you are creating a death trap for you and your family members.

Therefore, it is advised to conduct a fire safety inspection of your building by a professional agency like our Edison Fire Protection Company, Los Angeles. We assist  residential and commercial clients right from inspection to suggestion to the installation of fire fighting equipment. Our experts also train the concerned authorities to various organizations on fire fighting. This is necessary because they can evacuate the occupants of the building in the nick of time. Make it mandatory to have a periodic inspection so that you can improve the fire fighting system and save valuable lives. Contact our experts at Edison Fire Protection Company, Los Angeles., if you want to get a peace of mind for restoring fire safety measures. Call us at (323) 259-9999 to make an appointment.