Are you requiring round the clock fire protection to your commercial facility? If that is your case, opt for a
monitored alarm system. It is far better than a standard alarm system because it alerts the
authorities. At the same time, it ensures emergency contacts even in the event of a fire alarm
goes off. This is the reason why we are getting a lot of requests at the Edison Fire 1-800-222-9338
Ansul System in Sacramento, CA to install fire alarm monitoring systems from various
commercial establishments. The advantage of its installation is the fact that the monitoring system sends
signals over cellular service or radio to the monitoring center of the facility. As a result, it
prompts the operators to initiate necessary action to contain the potential fire.

If you have a business and want to protect the precious property and lives, ensure to install a fire
alarm monitoring system by a professional agency. It gives peace of mind that the property is
always protected from the fire of any kind. Even in the off days or odd working hours, you can
deal with fire emergencies. The alarm sends signals to fire protection authorities to rush to your
facility to fight the fire. For more information on the monitored alarm system, you can contact
our fire experts at the Edison Fire 1-800-222-9338 for fire alarm installation in Los Angeles.