Selecting the right place to install a fire extinguisher is highly crucial. And it is purely a technical issue. Only fire experts like us can suggest the right locations to install the fire equipment. We give emphasis on the nature of fire risks before installation. Supposing you brought a fire extinguisher and had no idea where to install it. Then inform us at fire extinguisher service Los Angeles, Ca. Our technical personnel will ensure it is installed in a conspicuous position. Moreover, its ease of accessibility would be ensured. Then only the occupants would find it easy to reach and do the necessary in case of fire emergency. However, keep in mind that the extinguisher will meet the needs to douse incipient fire. This too in the early stage of fire. Hence it is better to install a fire alarm as well. So that a fire incidence would come to your notice at the earliest to initiate prompt action.

Still we would like to provide a few guidelines regarding the location. The fire extinguisher should be placed near the exits or stair lands. However, make sure not to hinder the escape route. The location of the extinguisher should be within 15 meters of reach from the occupants. In case of special risk, fire extinguishers should be placed near the risk area. Mostly the industries prone to fire hazard should ensure this aspect. In certain cases, there might be a need to construct a shade to protect the fire extinguisher. Likewise, there are numerous technical issues that need to be looked into prior to installation. Therefore, don’t risk your lives, nor your dear ones. Hire our installation service at a reasonable price from ansul system in Sacramento, Ca.