A slew of fire accidents we come across leading to loss of lives and damage to property. Some of the study findings conducted in this regard has concluded the following reasons for the fire eruption:

  • Storing of inflammable materials
  • Blockage of exit passages
  • Overhanging electrical wiring, etc.

The above mentioned are a some reasons for fire-related incidents and it should be a wake-up call for many. Fire possesses a significant risk to businesses and communities. However, the industries can strengthen their capacity to mitigate the adverse effect of fire hazards. It is feasible through a fire safety audit and related fire services. Edison Fire Protection Company Inc, provides fire extinguisher services everywhere in Los Angeles, CA through its trained fire safety experts and provides fire audit services to industrial units. A fire safety audit is an effective tool to assess fire safety standards. Along with this, we provide fire safety recommended measures to implement.

Residential areas, especially high rise buildings are prone to fire incidences. Conducting operations for any fire incident is a complex task. It hinders firefighters’ access to the seat of the fire. If any incident happens, it leads to a huge loss of lives. It happens for high-rise buildings as they lack adequate in-built fire protection systems. Hence, installing a fire sprinkler system is one of the proactive measures to combat fire incidences. You can consult us at Edison Fire Protection Company Inc, for fire sprinkler installation Orange County, CA if you want to fortify your place from fire hazard.