There is no place prone to fire hazards; it could be indoors or outdoors. The kitchen is especially prone to fire incidents. There are certain guidelines you must adhere to protect life and property.First, If you are cooking, do not leave the place unattended, the cooking pan is likely to catch fire. Second,identify the hazardous substances from your living place as they might lead to huge fire incidence. Even frayed wires and cords should be removed.Finally, it is better to conduct a home inspection by a licensed fire safety agency. At the same time, opt for a kitchen hood fire suppression system as a preemptive measure.

Unlike indoors, fire is equally hazardous outdoors. A fire could erupt in barbeque fire or campfire. If you are attending these places along with kids, then you should maintain a cautious approach and supervise them. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, keep in mind the evacuation plan. In your residential place, you must have a proper evacuation plan as well as a place to assemble in case of fire. This principle is applicable to your business or commercial establishment. If you value the safety of employees, then you will not ignore the needs of commercial fire sprinkler installation.