As rightly said by greek philosopher Aesop, “It is with our passions as it is with fire and water, they are good servants, but bad masters.” Without any question, if the fire is harnessed properly, it becomes useful too for us but if the fire goes unchecked, it could be devastating. There are three components for the sustenance of fire,they are: oxygen (at least 16%), combustible substance, and heat. To put off the fire is very simple. You just need to take away one of the components as briefed above. In case of  fire, if you make an effort to eradicate the fuel source, then the temperature will automatically go down. This is what the fire extinguisher is capable of. If your place is not having sufficient fire extinguisher or requires annual maintenance, approach Edison Fire Protection Company, Los Angeles.

Fire extinguishers play a crucial part in fire control in residential and commercial buildings. In the initial stage of fire, a fire extinguisher is very effective to use and easy to operate as well. You can prevent extensive damage to property. Similarly, there is another fire fighting tool known as fire sprinkler. It automatically sprinkles water in case of a sudden fire. Thus, in your absence, this tool saves your interior property. We also deal with the installation and repairs of fire sprinklers in Los Angeles.