There are three causes of accidental fire. The first cause is the malfunction of fire prevention equipment. The second one is the misuse of heat sources like fire in the kitchen. Either it could be through cooking or issue with the cylinder. The final cause is human error and it is the major cause of fire like incidences. Let us suppose that you are living in a high rise building. Supposing that any one reason as discussed in the above leads to fire. It is a challenging task to douse the fire. Even the fire control officials would struggle to contain fire because accessing a higher floor is an issue. There is also an economic value attached to the property.

Therefore, taking into cognizance the fire safety issue, install fire prevention devices at your place. Do not hesitate to buy fire extinguishers. It is a small investment regarding that will save you in the long term. As a preventive measure, it is suggested to buy:

  • Automatic water sprinkler
  • Fire detection and alarm system
  • Fire extinguishers

As per the building regulations, make sure your residential place is with fire safety signs and notices. Additionally, there should be an escape route. Contact the experts at the fire sprinkler service company to know more about the installation and related guidelines for fire prevention.