When it comes to safety in the workplace, restaurant owners today are more proactive. While structure fires have definitely gone down, newer fire suppression technologies are being introduced for better performance standards and to reduce re-ignition of the fire.

Usually 10:00 a.m. in the morning is considered as the peak time for restaurant fires and these have always caused direct property damage. More than 50% of the fires were triggered due to cooking equipment and about 20% due to the failure of cleaning oil residues. Edison Fire provides the best fire suppression system for restaurants in Los Angeles, Laguna Hills, CA and Lodi, CA.  We are leading providers of Restaurant Fire Systems and Fire Suppression Systems.

Open flames are absolutely common in commercial kitchens. Therefore, there are hot cooking surfaces and oily residues. This is a highly dangerous combination that results in a fire hazard. Edison Fire provides reliable Fire Suppression Services as per regulatory requirements. We employ well-qualified and highly-trained personnel who can undertake installation, service, and repair of the Fire Suppression System. They also fully understand LA’s Fire Codes.

Keep your restaurant protected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with Edison Fire’s Suppression Systems. There is always a potential for a fire in the kitchen during business hours or even after hours of the restaurant. Our experts use distinctive equipment to perform a specialized inspection process that will check all the minor as well as major components of the fire system. They also ensure that the restaurant system operates specifically when it is needed.

Edison Fire designs is the most appropriate fire suppression system for your restaurant. We communicate every phase of development and stay in direct contact with you during the installation process. We offer a variety of safety products and services inclusive of sophisticated alarm systems and fire extinguishers. Call our numbers to know more.