A fire sprinkler system is the most important fire protection system for your business. Since it is responding to a fire accident in seconds and controls the fire until the fire department arrives.

Different types of fire sprinkler systems are available, and each one is designed to protect a different type of building. At Edison Fire Protection, Inc., we provide fire sprinkler installation services for any type of fire sprinkler system. Contact Edison Fire Protection, Inc. online or call 1-323 – 259-9999 to schedule your fire sprinkler installation laguna hills, ca!

How Fire Sprinklers Works

A sprinkler system is attached to the network of pipes running through the ceiling of a building holding water under pressure. Each sprinkler is nothing but a faucet. A plug inside the sprinkler has a small glass bulb filled with glycerin-based liquid which is sensitive to the temperature around the room. This heat-sensitive plug is designed to break and open the sprinkler automatically when the fire breaks out. The liquid in the tubing begins to respond. It expands quickly and bursts the glass releasing the water. The fire is prevented from spreading.

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