New fire safety technologies

Safety technologies have greatly evolved over the years. Since its invention in 1818,  fire extinguishers have found several new profiles across the century. It is always important that your premises are equipped with the right safety systems to combat unpredictable, huge disasters.

The introduction of smarter technologies only means that safety is now enhanced to newer levels.

Sound waves

This fire extinguisher is water-free and chemical-free. Burning fuel is separated from oxygen using sound waves. The device is patented and it is also the first sound wave fire extinguisher ever invented. Small fires can be snuffed out easily with a hand-held device. The technology provides a non-destructive solution and is considered ideal for home use. Large fires can be easily extinguished by pairing this technology with drones.

Using water mists

An improvisation of the typical sprinkler system, the water mist technology fights fires with the most common agent – water. A fine mist of water is emitted to smother the fire. The droplets convert to steam on a larger surface area and more heat is absorbed by the steam from the flames. The temperature is automatically lowered thus suffocating the fire, faster than regular water. Business owners with costly equipment can significantly decrease water damage with the mist systems.

ESFR or Early Suppression Fast Response

Standard fire suppression solutions are available in the form of in-rack sprinkler systems. This is especially seen in warehouses that have high-piled stock. Sprinklers are set off instantly even with a one pallet load mistake. This also instantaneously damages the goods. ESFR systems are mounted on the ceiling. They consist of high-pressure heads that have the capacity of releasing a high volume of water (around 100 gallons per minute). The technology also ensures that the systems shrink back to their point of origin.

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