Unexpected fires and explosions in the workplace are caused by poor pipefitting, faulty gas lines, and improperly stored combustible materials. Research conducted by OSHA shows that workplace explosions and fires kill more than 200 individuals, injures more than 5,000 workers every year, and cost $2.3 billion in property damages.

Hence, it is important to setup an emergency action plan with the support of the fire protection company in Los Angeles.

Emergency Action Plan

Creating an effective emergency action plan that can standardize the responsibilities of your employees during a fire accident is the best approach to prepare for an unexpected disaster. Find out how the action plan should be:

  • Evacuation procedures and policies should outline techniques, routes, and preferred methods for reporting to the fire department.
  • Creating an escape route diagram with primary and secondary exits that are accessible even for those with disabilities.
  • Place flammable items such as linens, paper products, and boxes away from heat sources.
  • Formulate responsibilities for an employee (or some employees) to use fire extinguishers or rescue operations, and first aid techniques.

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