If you want to have sufficient water pressure to extinguish fires, you should not ignore the importance of operational fire pumps available from fire extinguisher service Los Angeles, CA. Here are four different types of fire pumps generally used in commercial settings:

Horizontal Split Case

This is the most used fire pump in most of the commercial buildings. As this type of fire pump is so easy to pump and fix during the time of any technical issues, several fire protection experts suggest this model for their clients. However, this fire pump will require access to a water source outside the building. Moreover, it is highly popular because it is durable and will not need frequent maintenance.

Vertical Split Case

The horizontal split case fire pump needs more space. However, the vertical split case does not require much floor space. If you have a small industrial or commercial building, this could be the best option you need when it comes to fire pumps.

Vertical In-line

This is a very small model of fire pumps. If space is your primary issue, this fire pump can be the best for you. Also, when it comes to maintenance, it is very easy to maintain this type of fire pump because it can be quickly disassembled.

Vertical Turbine

This type of fire pump can draw its water from wells or water tanks instead of using a fire hydrant.

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