Electric fire eruptions can have many causes. The experts at fire extinguisher service Los Angeles Ca like to provide you with a basic guide on electrical fires. The following are some preventable causes:

  • Faulty outlets and appliances – Faulty electrical outlets and outdated appliances can cause fire eruption due to their frayed cords that send out heat to combustible materials like curtains.
  • Light fixtures – Be sure to check the recommended wattage bulb to use on any light fixture as a precautionary measure. Installing high watt bulbs in certain fixtures can lead to an electrical fire.
  • Misused extension cords – Certain appliances must be plugged directly into an outlet instead of an extension cord in order to prevent electrical fires.

As a precautionary measure, have your home or place of business inspected by our professional fire safety engineers and experts. They will inform you of any electrical fire control measures that need to be taken. As well as make suggestions for any needed firefighting equipment such as fire alarms. All these measures can be lifesaving. Call our experts at fire alarm installation Los Angeles today!

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