A construction site is not free from fire-related incidents. Since high-risk activities are carried out at a construction site, this place should be protected by installing a fire alarm system. Therefore, It is needed is to install a temporary fire alarm system. If you have a construction site, do not worry about the electrical wiring. It is a wireless installation at the construction site to keep the workers free from any fire incidents. Construction workers will be able to continue working and move freely while the system is installed at the construction site. We install and recommend the use of fire alarm systems in compliance with the fire safety standard.

The advantage of installing a temporary alarm system is a fast response in case of a fire emergency. Another posstive thing is the reposition of the alarm without reprogramming. The overall objective is to keep the construction site away from fire incidences. Even in the case of fire, the alarm is sufficient to alert you to take necessary action. As far as installation is concerned, we do it through a professional mounting board. The board comes with holes and bolts thereby installation is also easy. If you want to ensure that the construction can be firm on fire safety measures, install the temporary fire alarm system. For additional information, contact our fire safety experts at Edison Fire Protection Services (800) 222-9338 for fire alarm installation at the construction site in Los Angeles.