Fire safety is significant for commercial places and residencies. Home fire safety is very
important considering the fact of children and senior citizens. These groups of occupants are
prone to fire incidences due to their limited mobility. Hence, to be on the safer side, installing
fire safety equipment like smoke alarms and fire extinguishers makes sense. This simple
initiative will reduce the risk of occupants and damage to the property. Taking into account these
fire safety requirements, Edison Fire 1-800-222-9338 provide fire extinguisher service near
Los Angeles, CA not only deals with fire safety equipment but also provides safe installment and
repair services. We have experts to install smoke alarms at the right places of your home. By it,
you would get an instant alarm in case of the slightest fire at your place. Thus, you could save
yourself and dear ones on time.

Our experts after physical inspection of your place will install fire extinguishers. These are installed
inaccessible areas like the kitchen. We also train the occupants on the usage of various fire safety
equipment so that they can manage any untoward fire incidences themselves. We assist
residential candidates by developing a fire safety plan. It should be in place as a preemptive
measure. For better fire safety preparation, contact our experts at Edison Fire 1-800-222-9338
for fire alarm companies in Los Angeles.