Fortifying the living space or workplace with fire equipment is a great initiative. However, it doesn’t tantamount to saving life or property because there could be some instances, where the occupants don’t know the way to use the equipment.

Imagine you are at home. Suddenly the smoke alerts you. And you see the fire has started and very soon it is going to engulf the entire premise. Calling to fire emergency service is a good thing. But by the time they reach your place, everything could convert to ash if timely intervention is done.

Consider you have the fire extinguisher to douse the fire. However, you don’t know how to operate it. Then what’s the benefit of having fire equipment at your place? This is the reason; we give proper awareness, training and handling equipment to our clients. If you are unaware of operating fire equipment, consult our experts at fire alarm installation Los Angeles.

Now let you give a brief on using the fire extinguisher. It is very simple and quick to use. Just keep in mind the PASS rule. If you know this rule, you can ensure others are safe. Well, the PASS stands for:

  • P-Pull the Pin
  • A-Aim low at the base of fire
  • S-Squeeze the handle slowly
  • S-Sweep the nozzle side to side

As already mentioned, the extinguisher is very simple to use, but a little bit hands-on-experience is required. Call our experts to show you the demo. You can also try your hand at the extinguisher under the supervision of our expert. Once you gain this practical knowledge, you can have your peace of mind. So for getting basic knowledge or augmenting the insights on fire safety, you can always have your words with our experts at fire sprinkler West Hollywood.