Fire is a threat to any life or property. A fire threat can destroy millions or billions of dollars in property damages. Thus, as a preventive measure it is better to have a fire extinguisher near a place where the fire can be eliminated immediately. At times, even if your place is fortified with an extinguisher at a secured place, you might run into issues due to poor maintenance. This is where you need fire sprinkler services and getting it repaired at your earliest convenience.

 A fire extinguisher comes in several variations. It comes in as water, foam, dry powder,  carbon dioxide, and wet chemical extinguishers. Purchase a fire extinguisher depending on your location. For instance, offices, schools, and hospitals must have a water extinguisher at their place and must be in compliance per health and safety codes. For example, fabric and textile industries should have a dry powder extinguisher. If you have realized the need of a fire extinguisher, contact La Fire Protection immediately.