Emergency lights are one of the most neglected pieces of fire protection equipment out there. Emergency lights are essential in protecting building occupants in the event of a power outage do to fire, severe weather, or other situation.


A first aid & safety service program from Edison Fire Protection can help keep your workers safe on the job. We can service your company’s first aid kits to ensure medical supplies are on hand for injuries that can occur at work and are always prepared for all medical emergencies.

Fire Extinguishers

When purchasing a fire extinguisher for your business or home, it is important to understand the type of fire extinguishers that is required for your type of business. Our licensed technicians help you choose the best type, size, and location to meet NFPA 10 standards.


Restaurants industries are at a higher risk for fires due to the large amount of hot equipment, electrical connection, cooking oils, cleaning chemicals and open flames, and we help you with our solutions to help prevent such occurrences and minimize any damage.

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Edison Fire Protection Company Inc. has the knowledge, experience, expertise, equipment, and manpower to get the job done. We are well-versed in the many elements of effective fire protection and how they work together with building designs to prevent life and property damage, optimize safety, and provide cost-effective project completions.

  • Fire Extinguisher Service Los Angeles California
  • Fire Extinguisher Service Los Angeles California

They Say

  •   Great company...Rick is a great guy and he sent out Martin next morning to check out my fire sprinkler...Very honest!

    thumb Jeff H.

      Our 15-unit HOA in Sherman Oaks called Rick Hawa based on the Yelp recommendations. He sent David to our building, an experienced, conscientious, and honest service person. Within 30 minutes or so of careful testing, observation, and re-testing, David identified the problem as a defective CPU card in our 1st-floor annunciator. Although it is an older part, Rick is helping us to find a replacement through their various sources.

    So far we are very impressed with Rick, David, and Edison-Fire. I'm glad I consulted Yelp.

    thumb Richard O.

      While we only had a small problem with two aging fire sprinkler heads in our  home, Rick was very responsive and professional in taking care of the repairs.  He's very knowledgeable, informative and timely.  He was also very careful to be as minimally invasive to the ceilings when diagnosing and repairing the problem.

    We will recommend Edison to all of our neighbors who will surely have similar problems as our house are all aging at the same time and have the same outdated equipment.

    thumb Gail S.
  •   Once again Edison Fire Protection Co provided excellent service to my business by conducting a 5-year recertification of our sprinkler system.  Rick Hawa was very helpful and professional. I would recommend this company to install new sprinkler system and provide any on-going maintenance.

    thumb Jessie J.

      My corporation recently requested bids for fire hose and extinguisher inspections; we have over 100 of each.  We received 3 bids, and I read Edison's first (but originally thought we only had one bid).  Their price to INSPECT one hose was $12.00.  I thought, there are lots of people in this country making $12.00 or less PER HOUR of work; to inspect a hose would take how long?  I was appalled. But I also thought, that might just be the going rate.....  What a relief when I looked at the second bid. The cost was less that half of what Edison was charging, as well as the inspection of the extinguishers. We're saving thousands of dollars by getting more than one bid. I was left with the impression that they were trying to rip us off.

    thumb Stephen J.

      My family owns apartment buildings, one of which needed a fire panel to comply with fire code for our elevator modernization (June, 2013). We selected Edison Fire because their price was quite reasonable and their account rep, Rick Hawa, was exceptionally knowledgeable. The installation was on-time, clean and professional.

    For example, Edison could have saved money by running their conduit along our atrium, but used the stairwell as a pathway because it provided a cleaner look!!!
    Because our elevator opens to an inside open-air atrium, Rick wanted to use a heat sensor at each landing, but the fire department required the use of smoke detectors.

    As expected, dust blowing in the air eventually caused a false alarm (March, 2014). The next business day Edison Fire got approval from the fire department and replaced all the vulnerable smoke detectors with heat detectors, and they did it for free. I doubt I will ever come across another vendor, or account rep, with such a high commitment to customer service. This review is my way of saying thank you.

    thumb Julianna C.
  •   Just moved into our new home six months ago.   Very surprised when, over the weekend, an undiscovered and very loud alarm bell outside our house went off and couldn't be deactivated.   Multiple frantic calls to the alarm company, electrician and even the fire department led me to believe the problem was related to our internal sprinkler system.   We stuffed rags inside the bell as a stopgap and by Monday morning had found Edison.  Rick rescheduled a crew who met me by 1:45 PM, had the alarm off by 2:00 PM and discovered and fixed the root cause of the problem by 2:30 PM.   Huge relief!   Will have them back to assess the whole system in the short term.

    thumb Jeff S.

      There are not too many places around to get your fire extinguisher recharged.
    These guys are great.
    Always able to help me out.
    Got 1 extinguisher refilled for 15 and bought a refurbished one for 35.
    Great deals.

    thumb Francis L.

      Some idiot ripped the tags off of the new fire extinguishers on our four unit apartment building.  Our commercial insurance carrier was making a thing out of it.  Annoyed that I had to deal with this and unsure as to how to do it, our insurance broker sent me the Yelp link for Edison Fire Protection.  The price was so reasonable, I had EFP also build cases for the extinguishers so that no one could rip off the tags again.  The work was fast, neatly done and the technician was there quickly.  Well done!

    thumb Patricia L.
  •   This is by far one of the best experiences i've had with a fire company. I had just received an over inflated quote from one of their competitors and getting a real quote was a breath of fresh air. The job was done in record time and the place was spotless. These guys are total professionals and good people.

    thumb Ali B.

      I cannot recommend this company more.I needed to move sprinklers and add sprinklers in a small retail space in downtown. Rick came out next day to give us a quote and talk me through everything i needed done. Most companies gave me no information and were really unhelpful and hard to get a hold of. Rick was efficient and was more than willing to spend extra time explaining things to me and making everything clear. Their prices are worth their commitment to customer service and their punctuality. Rick has gone above and beyond helping me and would reccomend them highly! As a young female finding my way through construction, companies like these are hard to find.

    thumb Amber C.

      Edison Fire Protection has completed three large component replacements in our old building in Burbank. Working with old systems is not easy and takes a company and individuals with a years of experience. Rick Hawa and his crew are No. 1 in my book when it comes to fire protection system services including required inspections and repair. If issues arise, Rick gets them taken care of and he is also responsive at any hour if you need to communicate. I have recommended Rick and Edison to a number of companies and will continue to do so.  Gary C.

    thumb Gary C.
  •   Rick once again went above and beyond to provide great customer service for my company.  I needed sprinkler renewal certification on a short notice and Rick did not hesitate to make an extra effort to get the job done.  I highly recommend Edison Fire Protection Co to install fire sprinkler system to any place of business.

    thumb Jessie J.

      Edward is just great to work with and great at getting all of our fire extinguisher service needs taken care of. I also know they are experts with the design and compliance for piping all the sprinklers in building and they are my top pick for that service.

    thumb Michael B.